TNA Those Nervous Animals - The Mission Sessions #myfriendjohn

Chatting to Nichola MacEvilly

Nichola MacEvilly continues the tradition of great Sligo actors with her work for stage and TV. I met Nichola first in a role as Sister Mary Leo in Nunsense in the Hawks Well in the nineties.  Her talent shone then. Her current resume is impressive across stage, film and TV; nationally and internationally, including work with the BBC, RTE and the Abbey Theatre, the Everyman, Blue Raincoat and the Hawk’s Well.

Nichola is a gifted singer too, and contributed beautiful vocals to the Bedlam Suitcase debut album, released on The Knock Records in 2020. She also joined the group for the series of gigs that followed the release of The Fourth Wall, including the Dublin launch in the Sugar Club. Nichola also sang on The Mission Sessions, recording her vocals at home during lockdown. In this Zoom session she chatted to me about her work with us, and some of her epic adventures on various stages.

The Mission Sessions

We always believed strongly in the originality and beauty of the songs.

TNA Those Nervous Animals - The Mission Sessions #myfriendjohn