TNA Those Nervous Animals - The Mission Sessions #myfriendjohn

Damien is the second single from The Mission Sessions

Damien Video

The original version of Damien was a soft rock tune, still with the big shift into the chorus. It was a song about leaving and loss and abandoned farmhouses (“all of the buckets are empty now, and all the bushes are growing wild, at your door”) (“Only rain in a fireplace, when the big cars all have moved away”).  There had been two or three demo versions done in various studios around Sligo, including with Gerry Gallagher and Mike Kelly.  In 1986 Those Nervous Animals were a pop/funky outfit, having already released Just What the Sucker Wanted, The Business Enterprise (My Friend John), and How does the Shopper Feel?). All those songs were produced by Bill Whelan with the help of engineering maestro Philip Begley. One day in Litton Lane rehearsal studio, three of the band members, vocalist/instrumentalist Barry Brennan, Eddie Lee on bass and Brian Despard decided to jam around for a while on a keyboard riff idea of Barry’s. Padraig Meehan arrived late to the session, and sat back and listened for a while. It was a fantastic groove, and Eddie’s syncopated parts drove it along. Padraig then started to play the haunting Damien chords over the line; Barry’s notes worked with all the chords! Barry sang a bit of the verse over the new vibe, and a new version of Damien was born. The recording session was booked into Windmill Lane in early August ’96, with Donal Lunny producing. Donal had already done work with Those Nervous Animals out in Aigle Studios, Artane with Nicky Ryan. There was a jovial but businesslike atmosphere as the tracks were laid down, with additional help from Helen Walsh on vocals, Brian Despard (drums) and Daragh Connolly on keyboards. Barry (and Donal as well) played keyboards. The song became one of the favourites of the live set.

The Mission Sessions

We always believed strongly in the originality and beauty of the songs.

TNA Those Nervous Animals - The Mission Sessions #myfriendjohn