TNA Those Nervous Animals - The Mission Sessions #myfriendjohn

Emerging nervously from Lockdown; Upcoming Live TNA Gigs

@TNAband is feverishly preparing for their first full live shows as lockdown restrictions ease. How much we have missed the link between band and audience, the physicality of sharing a playing and listening experience. All these events will of course be designed to comply with Covid-19 protocols. The first show is in Sligo on Sunday August 22 in Andersons. Tickets for this event here.

Those Nervous Animals are scheduled to perform on Saturday September 18th at the It Takes a Village Festival, Trabolgan, Cork. Tickets are offered first to registered members, and if any left over to the general public here. Band members have great memories of shows in Cork city and around the county in years past, including Sir Henry’s, and Connolly’s of Leap. We are hugely looking forward to performing again in Cork.


The Mission Sessions

We always believed strongly in the originality and beauty of the songs.

TNA Those Nervous Animals - The Mission Sessions #myfriendjohn