TNA Those Nervous Animals - The Mission Sessions #myfriendjohn

Insomnia Video

Insomnia 2021

Insomnia was first recorded by Those Nervous Animals in 1985; produced by Bill Whelan, that arrangement featured the vocals of Barry Brennan, Eddie Lee on fretless Bass and various keyboard overdubs by Bill Whelan. The recording venue was Landsdowne Studios. The song was a few years old; Barry and Padraig had constructed it from a lyrical idea of Padraig’s which dated back to the mid to late 1970’s. In Landsdowne, Desi Reynolds came in to add percussion, including cymbal washes. The song was included on the ‘Hyperspace!’ vinyl and cassette release. Although it was slated for The Mission Sessions, due to some technical issues the surviving master turned out to be unusable. At Christmas 2020 Barry, Luke Devaney and Eddie Lee worked to recreate the arrangement. In the mid-1980’s era when Those Nervous Animals performed a residency in the Baggot Inn, this was always the opening song. This is another taster for The Mission Sessions, scheduled for release on March 26.

Vocals: Barry Brennan. Bass; Eddie Lee. Keyboards, percussion and backing vocals, Luke Devaney. Engineered by Luke Devaney at Blue Room studios. Mixed by Philip Begley, mastering by David Glasser. Additional Animation by Tom Mullery Artist.  Produced by Those Nervous Animals 2021

The Mission Sessions

We always believed strongly in the originality and beauty of the songs.

TNA Those Nervous Animals - The Mission Sessions #myfriendjohn