TNA Those Nervous Animals - The Mission Sessions #myfriendjohn

The Scenic Route 1: Meeting up

TNA Those Nervous Animals - The Mission Sessions Vinyl- Press Releases #myfriendjohn

At the juncture of the nineteen seventies and eighties, the ‘Mission’ (Union Place House, Union Place, Sligo) was a late Georgian house, already steeped in history. In that era a group of art students moved into some flats of what was then a rental property. The detailed history of the house was unknown to them, but the stucco ceilings, great windows and faded wallpaper all spoke of other lives and memories. There were hints of the previous owner (who turned out to be a fascinating character; more on him later); arcane symbols were carved on an oak reading desk. The area of Union Place was one of Sligo’s most charming quarters, lying between the railway station and Sligo docks, beside the Harper Campbell warehouses and the site of a bicycle factory. Benson Bass and Slattery had blended tea in the area. In 1981 it was getting run down (the entire street including historic buildings would be controversially demolished in 2000 for the construction of the Inner Relief Road) (Photo, courtesy of Fiona Gallagher). Barry Brennan, who occupied the first floor, and Pádraig Meehan downstairs, already knew each other from around 1976, when they were Foundation Year students in the local art college. They soon started making plans. 

Those Nervous Animals began to take shape in 1981 when—having resolved to form a band—Barry and Pádraig met up with bassist Eddie Lee. They later added Cathal Hayden on drums. The Venue Bar in Strandhill village and Peter Henry in the Blue Lagoon let them rehearse for free in their venues in the daytime, but many writing sessions and improvisations were held at Union Place House. The air of mysterious enterprise around Union House, with much coming and going, may have spurred wit Sean Faul to nickname the place ‘The Mission’. Anyway, the name stuck.

To be continued… 

The Mission Sessions

We always believed strongly in the originality and beauty of the songs.

TNA Those Nervous Animals - The Mission Sessions #myfriendjohn